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Books & Edited Volumes

The Puzzle of Clientelism: Political Discretion and Elections Around the World

(Elements in Political Economy, Cambridge University Press, 2023). With Eugenia Nazrullaeva.



Corruption: What Everyone Needs to Know

(Oxford University Press paperback, 2017). 316 pages. With Raymond Fisman.

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         Discussed in the New York Times

Selected Works of Michael Wallerstein: The Political Economy of Inequality, Unions, and Social Democracy

(Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics) (Paperback) by David Austen-Smith (Editor), Jeffry A. Frieden (Editor), Miriam A. Golden (Editor), Karl Ove Moene (Editor), Adam Przeworski (Editor) (Cambridge University Press, 2008).


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Heroic Defeats: The Politics of Job Loss

(Cambridge University Press paperback, 1997). 216 pages.


Why do unions strike when the workers they represent are threatened with job loss in some settings but not others? Heroic Defeats is a comparative investigation of how unions and firms interact when economic circumstances require substantial job loss. Using simple game theory to generate testable propositions about when these situations will result in industrial conflict, Golden illustrates the theory in a range of situations between 1950 and 1985 in Japan, Italy, and Britain. Additionally, the author shows how the theory explains why strikes over job loss almost never occur in postwar unionized firms in the United States. While these four countries exhibit substantial historical, cultural, and political differences, as well as marked variations in their industrial and economic structures, this book shows that unions' responses to job loss can be analyzed within the same theoretical framework in all cases.

Runner-Up for the Leubbert Award, given by the Organized Section in Comparative Politics of the American Political Science Association, for the best book in comparative politics in 1997.


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Italian Translation



Bargaining for Change: Union Politics in North America and Europe

Miriam Golden (Editor) and Jonas Pontusson (Editor) (Cornell University Press paperback, 1992) 368 pages.

Contributors: Anthony Daley, Peggy Kahn, Richard Locke, Miriam Golden, Jeannette Money, Jonas Pontusson, Peter Swenson, Kathleen Thelen and Charlotte Yates.


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Labor Divided: Austerity and Working-Class Politics in Contemporary Italy

(Cornell University Press, 1988). 320 pages.


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Winner of the 1989-90 Choice Award for Outstanding Academic Books.


Revised version of a dissertation receiving the American Political Science Association's 1983 Gabriel A. Almond Award for the best doctoral dissertation completed and accepted during 1981 or 1982 in comparative politics.

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