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Post-Doctoral Fellows

I mentor a number of Max Weber Fellows as well as other post-doctoral fellows affiliated with the EUI.

My current post-doctoral fellows are:

Virginia Rocha
Felipe Livert

Previous post-doctoral fellows include:

Natalia Garbiras-Diaz

Daniel Goldstein

Michele Castiglioni

Makoto Fukumoto

Takumi Shibaike

Graduate Students

I work closely with the students I supervise, using a lab-based model of interaction. My students meet with me as a group on a weekly basis. Each student reports on research progress, and students peer-mentor one another as well as receiving my feedback. Students are encouraged to collaborate with one another, to share skills and expertise, and to provide moral support to each other. 


Ph.D. candidates currently working with me include:
Ivetta Sergeeva
Emil Kamalov
Julian Vierlinger
Dylan Potts
Susanna Garside
Ivan Fomichev
Haoyu Zhai
Rens Chazottes
Daniel Urquijo
Eleonora Minaeva
Kirill Melnikov
Victor Ellenbroek
Paloma Abril-Poncela
Students who have completed Ph.D.s under my supervision include:
Sergi Martinez (co-supervisor with Elias Dinas)
  • Dissertation: Three Essays on the Political Consequences of Different Types of Conflict Experiences (2022)
  • Initial placement: Post-doctoral fellow, Princeton University
Eugenia Nazrullaeva
  • Dissertation: ​​Essays in Political Economy and Economic History (2020)

  • Initial placement: Post-doctoral fellow, London School of Economics and Political Science

Luke Sonnet
  • Dissertation: Essays on Dynastic Politics and Political Participation (2020)

  • Initial placement: private sector

Manoel Gehrke 
  • Dissertation: How Politicians React to Anti-Corruption Investigations and Enforcement. Evidence from Brazilian Municipalities (2019)

  • Initial placement: Postdoctoral Researcher, Bocconi University of Milan

Yuki Yanai
  • Dissertation: Misperceived Inequality, Mismatched Attitudes, and Missing Support for Redistribution (2017)

  • Initial placement: International University of Japan, Niigata


Ruth Carlitz

  • Dissertation: Understanding Government Responsiveness from the Bottom Up: When Do Tanzanian Citizens Sanction Poor Performance? (2016)

  • Initial placement: Tulane University

Raffaele Asquer

  • Dissertation: Testing the Limits of Democratic Accountability: Political Connections, Discredited Candidates, and Corrupt Governments (2015)​

  • Initial placement: private sector


Julia Yujung Lee

  • Dissertation: Gender and Sanitation: Evidence from India (2015)

  • Initial placement: Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University


Devesh K. Tiwari

  • Dissertation: Criminal Candidates and Party Politics in India (Co-chair with Kaare Strøm; 2014) 

  • Initial placement: private sector


Lisa Mueller

  • Dissertation: Political Entrepreneurs and Urban Protest (2014) 

  • Initial placement: Macalester College


Brian K. Min

  • Dissertation: Democracy and Light: Public Service Provision in the Developing World (2010) 

  • Initial placement: University of Michigan


David S. Yamanishi

  • Dissertation: Democratization and the Protection of Human Rights: The Role of Judicial Independence (2003) 

  • Initial placement: Cornell College


Preston S. Keat

  • Dissertation: Playing Favorites: Government Aid and Industrial Restructuring in Post-Socialist Poland (2001) 

  • Initial placement: private sector


Terri E. Givens

  • Dissertation: Radical Right Parties in Context: Immigration, Institutions and Parties in Western Europe (2000) 

  • Initial Placement: University of Texas in Austin

Bronwyn N. Dylla Bailey

  • Dissertation: Industrial Assistance in the European Union: How the Single Market Affects National Policymaking (1999) 

  • Initial placement: Private sector

Carolyn Wong

  • Dissertation: The Politics of Immigration: An Analysis of Policy Reform in Congress, 1965-1996 (1997) 

  • Initial placement: Stanford University







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