Graduate Students

Professor Golden works closely with students she supervises, using a lab-based model of interaction. Her students meet with her as a group on a regular basis. Each student reports on research progress, and students peer-mentor one another as well as receiving feedback from the supervisor.


Ph.D. candidates currently working with Professor Golden include:
Manoel Gehrke Ryff Moreira
Eugenia Nazrullaeva
Luke Sonnet
Students who have completed Ph.D.s under the supervision of Professor Golden include:
Yuki Yani
  • Dissertation: Misperceived Inequality, Mismatched Attitudes, and Missing Support for Redistribution (2017)

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, International University of Japan, Niigata


Ruth Carlitz

  • Dissertation: Understanding Government Responsiveness from the Bottom Up: When Do Tanzanian Citizens Sanction Poor Performance? (2016)

  • Current Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Raffaele Asquer

  • Dissertation: Testing the Limits of Democratic Accountability: Political Connections, Discredited Candidates, and Corrupt Governments (2015)​

  • Current Position: Lecturer, UCLA


Julia Yujung Lee

  • Dissertation: Gender and Sanitation: Evidence from India (2015)

  • Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Bush School of Governemnt and Public Service, Texas A&M University


Devesh K. Tiwari

  • Dissertation: Criminal Candidates and Party Politics in India (Co-chair with Kaare Strøm; 2014) 

  • Current Position: Lecturer, UC Berkeley


Lisa Mueller

  • Dissertation: Political Entrepreneurs and Urban Protest (2014) 

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, Macalester College


Brian K. Min

  • Dissertation: Democracy and Light: Public Service Provision in the Developing World (2010) 

  • Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Michigan


David S. Yamanishi

  • Dissertation: Democratization and the Protection of Human Rights: The Role of Judicial Independence (2003) 

  • Current Position: Associate Professor, Cornell College


Preston S. Keat

  • Dissertation: Playing Favorites: Government Aid and Industrial Restructuring in Post-Socialist Poland (2001) 

  • Current Position: Adjunct Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University and managing director and head of political and country risk at UBS


Terri E. Givens

  • Dissertation: Radical Right Parties in Context: Immigration, Institutions and Parties in Western Europe (2000) 

  • Current Position: Provost, Menlo College


Bronwyn N. Dylla Bailey

  • Dissertation: Industrial Assistance in the European Union: How the Single Market Affects National Policymaking (1999) 

  • Current Position: Vice President of Research, Private Equity Growth Capital Council


Carolyn Wong

  • Dissertation: The Politics of Immigration: An Analysis of Policy Reform in Congress, 1965-1996 (1997) 

  • Current Position: Research Associate, Institute for Asian American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston